U.S President Barack Obama Recognition

01 Dec. 2016

Barack Obama Recognizes Sandra Scheller's Book
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U.S President Barack Obama Recognition of Sandra Scheller's book and Etherial Pendant

In an unprecedented move, U.S President Barack Obama makes a bold statement of recognition towards Sandra Scheller's effort to immortalize her mother's memoirs and stories from the Holocaust. More specifically his Excellency the President of the United States of America, mentions in his letter to Mrs. Scheller that "As we work together to build a more just and peacful world for every human being, the millions of holocaust victims and their surviving relatives are always present in our minds". 

The front cover of the book was brought to life in the form of a Pendant which represents the markings on the dress given to Ruth (Scheller's Mother) at Auschwitz and marked in Oederan by the Nazis. Her story is nothing short of a miracle and this custom piece is a reminder to spread the word to never let this happen again. 

You can read President Obama's full letter in the following photo: 


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